1 What is NTW GOLD?

Our company has gone through a long journey of development to be able to offer a truly convenient service and products of the highest quality. We provide each of our clients with a reliable platform for growth and prosperity; this is achieved through access to the highest level of service, which our company offers in partnership with industry leaders in manufacturing, secure storage and transportation of investment gold. Our main objective is to create a new breed of investors, where people of different backgrounds, knowledge, experience and culture would have an opportunity to reach their most ambitious goals, while taking care of themselves and their families, with our company as a reliable companion.

2 How to get started?

Pass the registration in the system, then select one of the contracts offered by us, replenish your balance through payment systems and activate the contract plan.

3 What payment systems do you use?

We use payment systems PAYEER (Visa, Mastercard, Advcash), Bitcoin.

4 What is the minimum withdrawal?

Minimum funds for PAYEER wallet - $20.
Minimum funds for BITCOIN wallet - $20.

5 How does contract accrual work?


6 What should I do when my contract ends?

You can reinvest your earnings into new contracts, or complete investment activities in the company.

7 What income can I get when the contract is activated?

Inside each user's account, there is a calculator that calculates the daily and monthly amount of the investment.

8 Do you have an affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is provided for 5 levels, Level 1 - 3%, Level 2 - 2%, Level 3-5 - 1% of the amount of activation of the futures contract.

9 I have not received an answer to my question?

Support specialists are always ready to answer your questions. You can contact at any time of the day. support@ntwgold.com